Automating Document Management Process

Boost your business productivity by automating all your document management process in real-time

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Features of OfficePages

Without OfficePages Document Management System, you will have mountains of paper files and probably run out of filing cabinets to store them.

Document Repository

OfficePages provides a central storage for all documents and folders, allowing a real-time remote access to stored documents or folders

Version Control

OfficePages tracks and records real time changes to documents as versions allowing access to previous or updated versions based on user permissions.

Access Control

OfficePages prevents unauthorized access to documents by allowing users to assign documents to other users based on certain user priviledges.

Deployment Solutions

OfficePages provides three easy and seamless deployment solutions for any business requirements. we have:
Cloud Based
Local Storage Based
Hybrid Based

Great Customer Support

Our experienced support and customer service team are available anytime to provide technical and customer-related support on any social media platform. Live training and seminars are available as well

Effective Management Tools

Whatever your business requirements are: OfficePages is prebuilt with effective document management tools that can effectively and efficiently manage your document process

More Features

OfficePages can be deployed as an On-site, Cloud and Hybrid Solution ensuring that you are in total control of the critical business documents within your office.

Effective and Easy Search.

It is quick and easy to find the information you need.

Paperless Office

The signing and sharing platform eliminates the need to print, sign, or scan documents.

Indexing and OCR

The content of the documents is indexed and can be used to search documents and trigger workflows.



    Archive your files in a single vault for easy retrieval, storage, and sharing for future use. Centralizing this process ensures relevant information is immediately accessible when needed.


    OfficePages avoid's unauthorized access by implementing role-based permissions for file entry. Some software programs also restrict IP addresses. This ensures only the right people can open, view, and modify certain files.


    Stay in control of your document’s versions without having to maintain multiple copies of a single document. It lets you see all the versions made and alerts every member of the most up-to-date version.


    Index files systematically for a quick, easy retrieval later on given its file key.


    OfficePages trained data-entry and processing center has capabilities and expertise and uses customised tools for data extraction, automated auditing and data validation tools for minimal manual or electronic errors.


    OfficePages team specialises all kinds of file processing from loan file processing, HR file processing, Vendor/Supplier Invoice processing to CAF/KYC form/data capturing etc

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Our customers are working wonders with OfficePages.

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